Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's impossible for me to ever pick a favorite. That's why I never had children. That, and the fear of reproducing because of my mutant hillbilly family. But these days, there's no blog I'd rather read than  Self-Styled Siren. As Criswell once said, "It pleasures me!" Some time ago, I reluctantly placed William Wellman's Buffalo Bill in my queue. You hep cats on the internets know what I mean by "queue". But the Siren makes me eager to see it, right after I catch up on my Nazi documentaries and my Rhonda Fleming opuses. Opii?

In a perfect world, 1967's How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying would have been adapted and directed by Frank Tashlin and would have starred Jerry Lewis. Seems to me that Tashlin's satire in Rock Hunter was funnier and sharper than David Swift's in Success, and Robert Morse's mugging seemed to be channelling Jerry Lewis, so why not get Lewis himself? Lewis had little charm and credibility as a romantic lead, but Robert Morse had even less. Even though I like Morse, there's something of a homunculus about him.

And while we're at it, throw in Moe Howard as Wally Womper.

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