Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slapdash Reviews

Deadhead Miles. Hilarious Alan Arkin performance, with his ersatz southern Robert Duvallian voice. Of course the big difference is Duvall's always convinced he's giving a serious performance. Very similar in tone to Terrence Malick's other screenplay, Pocket Money. It just tickled me.

Watch Bobs DeNiro and Duvall try to out-method each other in True Confessions. Count how many times they look off-screen, like Jack Barrymore searching for a cue card. Takes place in 1946, when everything was fuzzy.

Botany Bay. Alan Ladd is unjustly confined on a prison ship to Austrailia, but manages to keep his eyebrows beautifully landscaped. James Mason is a wonderful villain, with moderately butch acting by Jonathan Harris.

Bill Holden is racked with guilt in Submarine Command. Bill Bendix is there to give him the stinkeye.

Threepenny Opera. Germans talking and singing German in Soho. Strains credulity.

Across 110th Street. Dark, lots of swearing and lots of hand-held stuff. Pretty good, pehaps Barry Shear's best movie, but not as compelling as Swingin' at the Summit. Would have been even better with Mitchum or Marvin. Or Lancaster. Or Widmark. Or Holden. or....

The Countess.  How could there be a dull movie about a gal bathing in the blood of hundreds of virgins? Godawful.

In Martin and Lewis' last Colgate Comedy Hour, Dino plays a character named "Mr. Crocetti".  Jerry does his hilarious Jap portrayal. Hard to believe he's still doing it 20 years later.

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