Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slapdash Reviews with a Common Theme Edition

In Which We Serve: Noel Coward as a happily married family man with two children. Strains credulity.

The Astonished Heart: Noel Coward as a raging heterosexualist who behaves perfectly beastly while awakening the animal passions of Celia Johnson and Margret Leighton. The credulity is frightfully strained. Frightfully.  

Hombre: Paul Newman stars and strains credulity as a cool, modern, wiseacre half-breed Apache in the not-so-modern wild west. Martin Balsam as a Mexican doesn't help. Fortunately,  Richard Boone is around to add authenticity.

The Mountain: Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner as European mountain climbing brothers. Credulity strained? You bet. Or as they say in the French Alps, mais oui.